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Getting Started
Final Project
...father of his country
Getting Started
Welcome!  Are you ready to learn about George Washington?  Let's find out what you already know.  Click on the link below (the colored words) to open the pretest.  Print it after it has opened and answer the questions by filling in the circle by the correct answer.  Give it to your teacher.
George Washington Test

Click on the picture of a museum to visit a Presidents Day Museum.  Click on George Washington to learn a little about him.  Be ready to tell your teacher and the other students what you learned.

Museum link


Day 1
We are going to read a book about George Washington.  Listen carefully to remember at least three things about George Washington.

Next watch this slide show about George Washington .

George Washington slide show

Day 2
Today we are going on a field trip to visit Mt. Vernon, George Washington's home in Virginia.  Click on the photo of the house to visit the mansion.

Mt. Vernon

Now let's go visit the outside.

Mt. Vernon outside

Make a Venn diagram with your class to show whether houses in George Washington's time were like ours or different.

Day 3
We didn't finish our field trip to Mt. Vernon yesterday, so today we are going back and will see what a farm looked like in George Washington's day.  Was our first president a farmer?  Click on the barn to find out.

Pioneer Farm tour

Read the book George Washington's Cows.

Day 4
We've seen many portraits of George Washington already.  But what did he REALLY look like?  Click on the picture below to find out.

Geroge Washington's face video

Afterwards draw YOUR OWN portrait of George Washington.

Day 5
Did the American flag always look like it does now?  Find out how many flags we have had so far by clicking on the flag below.

Flag page

Let's make a five-pointed star!  Click on the star to get the directions.

How to cut a star

Now design your own flag! 

Here are some ideas to help you get started. 

Design your own flag ideas

If you finish early, here is a place to make your own flag online.

Make Your Own Flag

Day 6
George Washington was loved and admired so much that our country's capital, Washington,  D.C., was named for him.  We're going to take another field trip to Washington, D.C.  Find the Washington Monument and draw a picture of it when you finish the field trip.

Washington, D.C. tour

Are you tired yet?  Time to climb to the top of the Washington Monument!  How many other monuments can you see from there?

Washington Monument tour

Day 7
When George Washington was President, there was not a special place for the president to live.  George chose the spot where Washington, D.C. is now and oversaw the building of the White House but never got to live in it.  Our President now lives in the White House.  Take a trip to see what the President's house is like.  Do you know the name of our President today?

White House tour

Day 8
We have one last field trip before finishing our unit on George Washington.  Click on the photo to visit Mt. Rushmore.  Who are these men? 

Mt. Rushmore tour


Final Activity
With a partner write three reasons why George Washington was a famous American, using Kid Pix orThe Ultimate Writing and Creativity Center.  Include a graphic on your page.  Print out your page and give it to your teacher.  Don't forget your name! 

Take the George Washington Test again.  Print out your test paper and give it to your teacher when you finish.  Was it easier this time?

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