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elcome to CyberLand
You are about to embark on an awesome journey to the very core of your existence. You'll get up close to man eating animals and plunge to depths of ancient seas.  You will see marvels 
that few humans have ever set eyes on and learn secrets you'll die to share.  If you keep an open mind, try your best and follow the Rules of the Road  you will come out alive, richer and a lot smarter. Give students an overview of the lesson. Give students an overview of the lesson.Give students an overview of the lesson.Give students an overview of the lesson.

Your Mission
Name the animals in this slide show.  Write them in you animal journal.  Then click on the links below to find as much information about these animals as you can.  Be sure to tell: where these animals live, what kind of home it uses, describe its habitat, draw a picture or copy and paste one in Word.  click here-> to review how
Tell students how you want them to use the lesson web site. Also tell students what they will know and /or be able to do at the completion of the lesson. Whenever possible, make the learning outcomes relevant to the students. Encourage and build confidence. 

Rules of the Road: 
1. Follow the WebMaster's (your teacher) Directions!
2. Never Download anything!  If you think something is wrong tell your teacher right away.
3. Work with a partner and share that mouse!
4. Visit only sites that are listed below.
5.  Use whisper voices while working with your partner.

If you choose to break any of these rules you will be put to death. ..LOL!  OK. ..banished (that means sent away) for a very long time from cyberland.

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