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Gingerbread Man
Getting Started
Final Project
Getting Started
 Ask the students if they know the story of The Gingerbread Man and then give them the pre-test.
Read The Gingerbread Man by Paul Galdone.


Day 1
Cut out and decorate a gingerbread man with buttons, ribbons, fabric and paper scraps.
Color and cut out the puppets on the materials page. Glue them on sticks 

Homework:   Do a dot to dot page. Color.

Next text The Gingerbread Man by Karen Lee Schmidt
Day 2
After listening to the story, students discuss the similarities and differences of characters and endings.
Make a background page with a house, a road, and a river.(Directed drawing)
Practice the chant and glue the verse on the back of you picture.
"Run,Run,Run as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man."
Write the sight words on the text strip for the big book in the materials section.

Next text The Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett

Day 3
Listen to the new story and compare to the others.
Write the sight words for text strip 2 and start coloring the pages for the big book.
Glue text strip 1 to the picture of page 1.
Start a word list of rhyming words for can, run, boy and fox

Homework:  Doa color word or color by number picture of the gingerbread man.

Next text The Gingerbread Boy by Eric A. Kimmel

Day 4
Listen to the new story and compare to the others.
Write the sight words for text strip 3 and continue coloring the pages.
Glue text strip 2 to the  picture of page2.
Individual students may retell their story with their puppets with a partner.

Next text The Musubi Man by Sandi Takayama

Day 5
Listen to last story and compare. Make of graph of the results.
Write the sight words for text strip 3 and 4.  Glue both on the proper pages.
Make the cover for the book.

Homework:  Read and follow the directions to complete tne little book.  Practice and 
read the next day.

Continue reading various and assorted versions of the story.

  The student will assist with measuring, adding and mixing the ingredients to make gingerbread dough.  Then they will roll out their gingerbread. Depending on the size
of the cookie cutter, decorations many be added before or after baking. Decorations to add can be mini M&Ms, raisins, currants, mini marshmallows, red hots, licorice whips, gumdrops, frosting gels, and nuts.  After munching on their people, they need to graph whether or not they liked their cookies. Students also need to tell which of their
five senses they used to make their gingerbread people.

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