Gingergread Man
Kathy Hardy-Kindergarten Teacher-Poplar Ave Elementary
I  Student will be able to retell a story about the Gingerbread Man, adding their favorite characters and endings, and help make and decorate gingerbread cookies, graphing their likes or dislikes. A brief history of gingerbread is linked to this site.
Subject: Language Arts,Math, Science
Grade Level: K
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Standards Addressed


  • Language Arts /  Reading 
    •  Retell familiar stories. (Comprehension 2.4 and 2.5)
    •  Identify characters, settings, and important events (Narrative Analysis 3.3)
    •   Measuring (Measurement  1.0)
    •   Graphing (Statistic and Data Analysis 1.1)
    •  Observe common objects using the five senses. (Investigation and Experiments 4.0)

    Instructional Objectives
    • Students will retell the story using their puppets.
    • Students will make a big book using text strips and sight words to complete each page.
    • Students will read a little book and follow the directions to complete each picture.
    • Students will put pictures in proper sequence. 
    • Students will measure, make and bake gingerbread cookies.
    • Students will listen to, discuss and graph various versions of the story by characters, settings,and endings.
    • Students will graph their reactions to the cookies.(Likes/Dislikes)
    • Students will act out the story.


    Introductory Activity

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    Student will go to the listening center to hear the story of The Gingerbread Man.

    • Enabling Activities
    • Student  will go to the flannel board gingergread man and add various shapes to make eyes, nose, mouth,and buttons.  Various clothing items may be added. Draw picture of your completed man.
    •  Color and cut the characters for your puppets.  Mount on a popsicle stick. Make a background page with a house, a road, and a river. (Directed Drawing) Student will
    • add the chant verse to the background page.
    •   Student will add sight words to key sentence and glue on book page.  Color page.
    • Do 1 page a day until book is complete.  Add cover to book.  ( ____lady made ____ gingerbread man. (The,the)   ____ jumped out of ____ oven.(He,the)   ____  ______ as fast as you can.(Run,run)   ____ fox ate him.(The)
    •   Student will read and add parts to the little gingergread book, 1 part at a time;such as 2 eyes on 1 page, 1 mouth on another. When book is finished the student will read the book to a partner, then to the teacher.
    •   Student will listen to other versions of the story and graph the characters, and endings of the stories.  Student will look for how the characters used their senses to find the gingerbread man.
    •   Student will do a dot to dot page from 1-20.
    •   Student will color a gingergread man using the color words or a color by number.
    •    Student will graph the characters in the various  versions they have heard.
    •   Student will match the various endings to the characters.

    Culminating Activity
        The student will assist with measuring,adding and mixing the ingredients to make gingerbread dough.  Then they will roll out the dough and cut out their gingerbread people.  Depending on the size of the cookie cutter, decorations may be added before baking,or with frosting later.  Decorations to add can be mini M&Ms, raisins, currants, marshmallows(little),red hots, licorice whips, gumdrops, frosting gels, and nuts.  After tasting their people, they need to graph whether or not they liked their cookies. Students will tell which of their five senses they used to make their gingerbread people.  

    • Students will take a pre and post test to determine their understanding of the story.
    • Students will retell the story using the puppets.
    • Students will put the story pictures in the correct order.
    • Students will put the catch phrase into proper sequence:                                      "Run, run as fast as you can  You can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man"
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    Web Resources & Supplementary Materials

    Introductory Activity
    The following is a book list of some of the many versions of The Gingerbread Man(Boy).
    The Gingerbread Boy by Paul Galdone
    The Gingerbread Man by Eric A.Kimmel
    Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett
    The Gingerbread Man by Karen Lee Schmidt
    The Musubi Man by Sandi Takayama

    Enabling Activity
    Teacher created materials.See student materials page.
    Other activities available on the web, check out these sites:
    Aunt Jaynes

    Culminating Activity 
    This web site has a good basic recipe for gingerbread cookies                                   .


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