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Are you computer savvy enough to understand all the terminology you are bombarded with in stores and in the media?  Students will become familiar with the major hardware components of a PC and their functions.  Students will demonstrate their mastery of the unit by opening a PC console and removing/reinstalling parts, explaining their function. 
Topic:Computer Hardware & Its Functions
Grade Level:9-11
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Standards Addressed
California Challenge Standards
  •  STANDARD 4:

  • Students will understand computerized information systems.  They will evaluate and use hardware and software solutions to improve productivity.
  • Students evaluate, select, install, and configure computer components, peripherals, and operating systems.

    High School, 9th-11th grade
    Computer Literacy: Hardware
    Instructional Objectives

    Students will:

    • identify the major hardware components of a PC, describe their location, and explain their functions.
    • understand safety procedures when handling a PC and components.
    • understand related terminology such as megabyte, megahertz, kilobits, etc.
    • identify the advances made in the last few years in technology.
    • identify the differences between generations of components.display their knowledge of computer hardware and safe handling by disaassembling and reassembling a computer, identifying and describing the functions of each part.
  • After viewing a teacher made Quicktime video on computer hardware, students will identify 10 major components of a computer system with 85% accuracy.
  • Students will label computer hardware by completing a matching worksheet utilizing pictures of the components.
  • After viewing a PowerPoint presentation on computer hardware and its functions, students will complete a True/False quiz.
  • Students will observe the teacher dissassemble and reassemble a PC, explaining the major components as he/she moves along.
  • In groups, students will open a PC console, remove and explain the function of the video card, sound card, & RAM.
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    Student Activities
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    Introductory Activity
    Students will view a web-presentation on computing hardware to become exposed to hardware terminology. 

    Enabling Activity(ies)  best  better  good  history  glossary
    Culminating Activity
    In groups of 4, students will open a PC console and remove 10 hardware components.  In the process, they will identify and explain the function of each component.  At the conclusion, students will reassemble the PC.

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    Web Resources & Supplementary Materials

    Introductory Activity
    Students will view
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    Enabling Activity

    Culminating Activity
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