Favorite Poems - An Exploration in Poetry
                                                         Julie Carruth - 5th Grade, Ridgeview School, Granite Bay, CA 

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     This is a lesson that correlates with the Famous Poem Project.  Students will be introduced to the project online and will use the site and other sources to find a favorite poem.  They will then do an oral interpretation of their poem in class.  I plan on this lesson taking one week, Monday through Friday, culminating in a poetry celebration on Friday.
Language Arts
Topic: Poetry
Grade Level:  5th Grade
Student Lessons
Standards Addressed

Fifth Grade
Language Arts - Reading and Comprehension/Speaking and Listening

3.1. identify and analyze the characteristics of poetry, drama, fiction, and non-fiction as literary forms chosen by an author for a specific purpose
3.4. understand that theme refers to the meaning or moral of a selection, and recognize themes whether implied or stated directly in sample works

Speaking and Listening 
1.1. ask questions that seek information not already discussed
1.2. interpret speaker's verbal and non-verbal messages, purposes, and perspectives
1.3. make inferences or draw conclusions based on an oral report

Organization and Delivery of Oral Communication: 
1.4. select a focus, organizational structure, and point of view for oral presentation
1.5. clarify and support spoken ideas with evidence and examples
1.6. engage audience with appropriate verbal cues, facial expressions, and gestures

Using the Grade 5 speaking strategies outlined in Listening and Speaking Standard 1.0, students: 
2.3 Deliver oral responses to literature: 
      a. Summarize significant events and details. 
      b. Articulate an understanding of several ideas or images communicated by the literary work. 
      c. Use examples or textual evidence from the work to support conclusions. 

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Instructional Objectives
   1.  Students will preview different poetry selections from different poets to narrow their criteria for a favorite poem.
        2.  Students will use the web and written sources to find a favorite poem.
        3.  Students will give an oral interpretation of their poem in class and discuss the reasons why it is their favorite poem.
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Student Activities
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Introductory Activity
   Students will read the poems  "For Poets" ( pg. 264) and  "I Love the Look of Words" (pg. 507) from the Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Spotlight on Literacy Grade Five anthology. They will have a surprise guest speaker who will recite their favorite poem to the class.  In computer lab, we will look at the Favorite Poem site, started by U.S. Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky.  What makes a poem a favorite poem? 

Enabling Activities)
     Students will search several web links and poetry anthologies in the classroom for a favorite poem to share at home with their family.  The students will bring the poem and their Learning Journal to school for a whole class discussion.

Culminating Activity
    The culminating activity is an oral interpretation of their poem for the class and a brief explanation of why the poem is their favorite.
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         Students will be graded on a rubric for oral presentations.

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      My results are discussed in the PowerPoint presentation, done on May 12, 2001, at PCOE.

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Web Resources & Supplementary Materials

Please refer to the Student Lesson page for web materials.

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