Fifty States and Capitals
Dave Dion
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Students will use the activites in this lesson to master the names and locations of the fifty states and the names of their capitals.
Subject:  History-Social Science
Topic:  50 States locations and capitals
Grade Level:  Fifth
Student Lesson: 50 States and Capitals
Standards Addressed

Academic Content Standards for California Public Schools.

Fifth Grade

5.9 Students know the location of the current 50 states and the names of their capitals.

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Instructional Objectives

When given a map of the 50 states, students will be able to identify the location of a given state with 90% accuracy.

When shown the location of a state on the map, students will correctly name the state with 90% accuracy.

When given the name of a state, students will be able to match the corresponding capital with 90% accuracy.

When given a capital, students will match the corresponding state with 90 % accuracy.

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Student Activities
Introductory Activity

Students will participate in some introductory activities to familiarize themselves with the names of the 50 states and capital cities. 

Begin with the song "Fifty Nifty United States" (found in Share the Music, fifth grade).  Other introductory activities include visiting introductory level sites to increase awareness of states and capitals (electronic flashcards, etc.) 

Students then begin to study the locations of states by region.  Our district-adoped social studies text, Adventures in Time and Place, has lessons and activities to accomplish this.

Introductory activities on the web to help students learn state locations and capitals will be used:

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Enabling Activities

Once students are somewhat familiar with names of states and are beginning to associate a state with its capital, several additional on-line activities will assist with memorization.

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Culminating Activities

Once students are becoming proficient at associating states and capitals, more difficult activities which involve recall skills are used.

Self Check:  Students will use the following sites to check their progress:

Using an unlabeled map of the United States, students test themselves as they label each of the 50 states and match names of states to capitals.  The goal is to be able to complete this project independently without using reference materials.

As a culminating activity, students will create a game of their own to teach states and/or capitals.  This could range from simple flashcards, to a boardgame with dice, to a quiz-show-type game, etc.  Students will play their games with each other or another class.  Students will be assessed according to a rubric distributed prior to completing this activity.

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After implementing your lesson (sometime between January & March), insert a chart of your pre-test, post-test, and culminating assessment data.

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Web Resources & Supplementary Materials

Introductory Activity

McGraw-Hill School Division Adventures in Time and Place teacher resource site.

McGraw-Hill School Division Share the Music information site.

Enabling Activity

Lots of games for students to play in all curricular areas.  You may create your own games and quizzes at this site.    Quia - Where learning takes you

Culminating Activity

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