By the Great Horn Spoon
                                  by Sid Fleischman
Brenda Harney-4th Grade Teacher
This lesson will allow students to experience the adventures of the California Gold Rush through 2 main characters: Jack and Praiseworthy by reading the book, By the Great Horn Spoon by Sid Fleischman .  Students will be assigned daily reading with fun and exciting activities to follow.  Periodically, students will take quizzes and then finish with a final unit test at the end of the book. 
Subject:  Reading 
Topic: Vocabulary and Comprehension 
Grade Level: 4 
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Standards Addressed
 California State Board of Education Standards
Fourth Grade
Dry Creek District Standards: 
1.  Word Analysis, Fluency and Systematic Vocabulary Development: 
4.4.4. Distinguish and interpret multiple meaning words 

2.  Reading Comprehension: 
4.2.1  Know and use different reading strategies (e.g. skimming and 
         scanning, finding information to support particular ideas) and 
         the various purposes of language (e.g. to inform, to 
         persuade,  to entertain) to comprehend informational text

3.  Literary Response and Analysis:
4.2.1.  Identify the main events of the plot, their causes and how 
          they influence future action
4.2.2.  Use prior knowledge and ideas presented in tests 
          (illustrations, titles, topic sentences, key words and 
          foreshadowing clues) to make, confirm, or revise 
4.2.5.  Explain how characters or simple events in a work are like 
          people or events in one's own life

Instructional Objectives
1.  Students will learn vocabulary words related to By the Great Horn Spoon.
2.  Students will gain knowledge of the California Gold Rush.
3.  Students will be exposed to daily questions on the Literal, Interpretive, Critical and Creative level.
4.  After visiting a web site and learning about modes of travel during the Gold Rush era, students will choose a mode of travel and explain why they chose it.
Student Activities
Introductory Activity
1.  Students will predict what the story will about just by hearing the title and answer some general questions about the book.
2.  Students will choose a character, either Praiseworthy or Jack, and keep notes on that character's development. 

Enabling Activities
1.  Students will take a pretest on vocabulary words related to the book.
2.  Students will read chapters and keep notes on 1 character.
3.  Students will play concentration with vocabulary words.
4.  Students will answer comprehension questions.
5.  Students will write letters.
6.  Students will complete a story map.
7.  Students will complete various writing activities.
8.  Students will visit a web site on the types of travel during the Gold Rush era and write a paragraph explaining the way that they would choose to travel to California from Boston and why.
Culminating Activities
1. Students will take a post test on vocabulary words.
2. Students will take a unit test of the book.
3. Show the movie By the Great Horn Spoon.  Discuss the similarities and differences between the book and the movie.  Students will then write a three paragraph essay on this topic.
4. Students will choose a character, either Praiseworthy or Jack and write a summary of their character's development.

Assessments will be given throughout the book.  There are four quizzes and one comprehensive unit test given at the end.  All of these are linked to word documents.

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Web Resources & Supplementary Materials

Introductory Activity
Prereading questions
Pretest on vocabulary words

Enabling Activity
Section 1 Quiz
Having a Butler
Section 2 Quiz
Section 3 Quiz
Section 4 Quiz
Colorful Speech
Section 5 Quiz

Culminating Activity
Post test on vocabulary words
Final Unit test

Web Resources:

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